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Wireless iPad POS Solution
POSLavu takes full advantage of the powerful technology built into iPad, connecting to the web via high-speed Wi-Fi. Follow your daily reports for inventory and sales from your laptop or phone from anywhere you can get a signal.
We offer a no-wires solution... no wires to the thermal printer, no wires to the cash drawer!
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An intelligent combination of cloud computing, wireless technologies, and a sleek touchscreen interface.

POSLavu is a combination of secure CLOUD data access,WIRELESS technologies, and sleek TOUCHSCREEN interface.
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POSLavu is Point of Sale software that takes full advantage of Apple's iPad and iPhone technologies.

With detailed reports, kitchen display, mobile ordering, credit card swipe and wireless printing all working in sync, POSLavu is much more than an App; it is a smart, complete solution to fulfill point of sale needs of small restaurants and national chains alike.
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The Traditional
  • Very Expensive
  • Bulky, Outdated Hardware
  • Long Contracts
  • Hard to Scale, Hard to Use
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The Anti-Tech
  • Sloppy paper ticket system
  • No built in reports
  • No built in time cards
  • No built in ANYTHING
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The Modern
  • Still Expensive
  • Still Self-proprietary
  • Confusing Interface
  • Reliability - just OK
Within our robust and ever-expanding feature set, you’ll find the functionality your business needs. Designed to accommodate national restaurant chains as well as individual mobile food trucks, nightclubs and coffee shops, POSLavu was the very first full-featured restaurant POS App in the App Store and continues to lead the revolution in innovation and integration.
Contact us for more information on POSLavu and for a free 14 Day trial.
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√ Specific Multi-Room Table Layout
√ Integrated PCI Compliant Gateways and Devices
√ Easy-Split Checks Access
√ Dedicated Lavu Support
√ Employee Timecards
√ Seat and Course Numbering
√ Multi-Printer Order Routing
√ Customer Email Tracking
√ Remote Backend Office (Windows or Mac)
√ Standardized, Exportable Reports
√ Inventory Management

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