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Digital Signage
In today's landscape of brand and corporate messages it's more important than ever to stand out above the rest. Not having Digital Signage is like not having a website. We can deliver a full turnkey solution through the brilliance of digital media.
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Digital Signage is more than just hanging a Display on the wall and connecting a computer to it. A well executed Digital Signage solutions involves the correct Panel, Media Player, Robust Network, Software and Content to get the best return on your investment. Whether your in the retail or restaurant and hospitality industries, or operate service stations, convenience stores, banks or offices we provide a complete End-to-End Solution.

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Panels and Screens
From 32" to 200", we have the appropriate size of panel or screen to deliver your dynamic content. Our brands include Samsung, Sharp, NEC, Panasonic, LG & Sanyo and more. We will help you decide whether Plasma, LCD or a Projector is right for your campaign. Utilizing the correct mounting system is just as important as the appropriate display it self. With so many options available the range includes horizontal to vertical mounts, low profile to cantilever brackets, protective enclosures for indoor and outdoor use, ceiling or floor mounted brackets, single to multi display mounting systems. The options are endless.
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Media Player
Media players range from "Clients" built into the Panel, to black boxes and computers running dynamic content. Some Media Players can display content from flash memory cards, USB sticks, direct ethernet or wireless from a computer, to built in software within the Media Player. Signal can be displayed from 480p to Blu Ray quality 1080p resolution.
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The backbone of a "Robust" Digital Signage system is the network it runs on. The popularity and affordability of IP networking has driven audio/video and controls networks to share the same physical wire with computer networks. However, unlike computer data that can tolerate a certain degree of unpredictable latency, video streaming, audio streaming, and control systems cannot. Even a relatively small solution can require sophisticated networking to route content from servers, to media players, to the panels and finally to the audience. These sophisticated networks require the same robustness as an enterprise network to ensure the packets that carry audio and video arrive in time and that IP-based controls do not lose critical command packets. Our line of products are designed to solve these issues.
Software & Content
Content can be created by leveraging existing marketing content or we have our own in house graphic designer to delivery rich, eye catching, dynamic media. Unlike static media, dynamic digital media can be as simple as a slide show, to rich full motion 1080p video and can be updated in realtime pushing the right content to the right audience at the right moment.

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Installation, Implementation & Support
When we say Turnkey Digital Signage Solutions, we really mean Full Turnkey Solutions. It starts out with the client and ends with the client and DSH fills the stages in between with the right products, services, full installation, expertise, professionalism, and extreme attention to detail all with in a budget.
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Our Professional Services are available across Canada. We have technicians and associates in every province to serve your needs. Contact us today 1-800-929-7989

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Everything you need to jump-start your digital signage campaign for under $3000
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Our all-in-one Digital Signage Package provides you with a 40' Samsung Commercial Panel, Digital Media Player, Locking Wall Mount Bracket, Content Management Software and Basic Installation almost anywhere in Canada! Contact us at 1-800-929-7989 to find out how to get this complete digital signage system that makes it very easy to implement, control and edit your very own digital signage campaign.

Digital signage
is remotely controlled distribution and playback of digital content across networks of displays. It is used for delivering visual messages at point-of-purchase, or at any other public venue. Digital signage is a new and fast-growing mass medium that is becoming part of mainstream media mix. DSH can provide turnkey Digital Signage solutions for one location, or hundreds of locations across Canada. It delivers key information, promotions, company news and more in real time with dynamic media and grab your audiences attention.
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