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Control4 Automation & Control
Our hardware and software solutions by Control4 and Lutron simplify the way people interact with technology. With the increasing number of technologies and operating platforms we solve the complexity of managing technology with reliable, consistent and scalable systems.
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Automation and Control
is as simple as remote or automatic control of a few lights to control of a security systems. A very basic definition of Automation is anything that gives you remote or automatic control of things around the home or business. It connects all the devices and appliances in your business or home so they can communicate with each other and with you. Anything that uses electricity can be put on a network and at your command. Conditional based programming can be utilized to create an action or an event. The possibilities are virtually endless.
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Total Light and Shade Control. Lutron's RadioRA 2 system is a wireless light control system that provides convenient and intuitive control of lights, shades, audio-visual devices, and temperature in a single room or throughout a whole home. It installs easily, programs quickly, and operates reliably thanks to Clear Connect™ RF Technology.

Home Smart Home - Fall 2012 - Download the Magazine

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Control4 Commercial Systems delivers affordable automation and control of lighting, shades, music, video, HVAC, security and energy management systems with secure, centralized system management. Your business can enjoy bottom-line benefits, your customers will be wowed by an impressive display of automation, and your team can control everything from a backend system console. This is why Control4 is the automation platform of choice for hotels, property managers and owners, restaurants and bars, universities and utilities. Download the Control4 Commercial Systems brochure here
For Businesses, Control4 offers simplicity, efficiency, and productivity with cost-effective integrated automation and control solutions for today’s technology rich presentation facilities including media-driven presentation facilities with participants in the room or audio conferencing or video conferencing.

In a Boardroom or a Conference Room environment, Control4 solutions can maximize your communication experience in your meeting by automating and controlling environmental controls like HVAC, window treatments, and lighting presets, audio / video equipment like projectors and projection screens, DVDs and VCRs, microphones, cameras, speakers, computers and internet access via Touch Panels, Remote Controls and Switches.

For Homeowners, Control4 can provide a single system approach to managing a wide range of home electronics, including:
  • Distributed Audio & Video
  • Automated Doors, Entryways & Gates
  • Security Camera Surveillance
  • Automated Window Treatments
  • Remote Access to Whole Home Systems
  • Multiple Lighting Scenes
  • Environmental Controls
  • Intercom Communications
  • Personalized Sequence of Events
  • Energy/Water Management

Visit www.DigitialSmartHomes.com to learn more about Control4 in your home.
Educational institutions are increasingly embracing technology in the classroom. Today many digital technologies are part of the education system and over the years from projectors and televisions to computers and smart boards, and video conferencing, these classroom technologies rarely complement each other. An instructor without any prior training or technology experience can take control in a matter of minutes.

Technology integration through Control4 is fast, effective and reliable. Whether for a single auditorium or classroom, DSH can effectively network all of your multimedia and facility operation equipment into a time-saving, cost-cutting solution.
For MDU's, Control4 can provide automation and control solutions to your Multi-Dwelling Unit, country club estates, or high-rise condominiums.

The Concierge or Property Manager can customize the climate in their MDU with Control4 controllers and Touch Panels. Environmental controls like lighting, HVAC, and window treatments can be controlled directly or with presets. These zones can be customized for various times throughout the day or night. Occupancy sensors can shut down lighting, Audio Video systems in non critical zones to reduce energy costs and noise.

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For the Hospitality industry we offer Control4® Suite Systems, the first standards-based, door-to-drape, automation and entertainment control technology for hotel and resort owners. Your guests will be able to use a single remote to control draperies, lighting, room temperature, room status, television, music, and video systems. With the same remote, your guests can schedule wake-up calls and make requests for services such as valet, housekeeping, room service, spa and more. This will give your guests the unprecedented ability to create an environment perfectly suited for their stay.
  • Affordable. Control4® Suite Systems brings you the benefits of a practical, reliable automation system at a price that fits into your budget.
  • Easy to Install. Control4® Suite Systems delivers both wired and wireless solutions for installation in new construction or retrofits of properties.
  • Easy to Use. Control4® Suite Systems makes life Everyday Easy™ for you and your guests by offering intuitive solutions that your guests can easily use.
  • Energy Efficient. Control4® Suite Systems offers an unobtrusive way to conserve money and resources by not running HVAC systems in unoccupied rooms.
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