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Audio/Video Solutions
When you require Commercial Audio Video, Integrated Control Systems and Distributed Sound and Video, DSH will provide the perfect solution for your environment and budget. Just as important, consistent reliability and after sales service is paramount.

In today’s highly competitive business environment
, Businesses have discovered the need to create an Audio and Video showcase to garner attention and deliver their message. In this environment, architects and designers increasingly turn to audio visual technology to bring their concepts to life. Our success has been based on exceeding customer expectations for both local and national clients.
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DSH Professional Solutions can create turnkey Audio & Video solutions for companies large and small. Our AV solutions span the spectrum and includes Audio Video Design Consulting, Audio Video Design Build, Audio Video Service Contracts and Product Procurement for:
  • Educational Institutes
  • Businesses
  • Government
  • Hospitality
  • MDU
  • House of Worship
  • Retail & Office Space
  • Restaurants
  • Sports Bars
  • Financial Institutes
  • Health Care
  • Whole Homes
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Yesterday’s background “elevator” music has been replaced by speakers pumping high energy, high volume music for today's generation of shoppers. Display screens flash music videos and DVD fashion shows, while a preprogrammed, touch-screen console quietly manages the lighting,the media and the mood. DSH extends the boundaries of audio & video technology and techniques.
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We can design sophisticated, multi-zone lighting and versatile distribution systems that route multimedia to multiple displays and audio zones. Lighting is fully automated eliminating the task of manually adjusting lights throughout the day allowing for energy smart lighting. Lighting scenes are preprogrammed and managed by photo sensors which allows the system to detect and automatically adjust for daylight, dusk, night and last-call lighting scenes making it easier to go green.
Specialized Solutions
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Bring unparalleled elegance to your well-appointed environments. Our TV Mirrors, Lighted Mirrors, Lighted TV Mirrors, Waterproof Televisions. represent the finest in functionality, style, and quality. From the quaint boutique hotel to the prominent resort, our stunning lighted mirror designs by SÉURA offer brilliance and individuality that is authentic and sure to impress!
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ArtCoustic Loudspeakers hang on the wall like picture frames yet deliver the performance of large “box” speakers. The easily removable front screens come in a choice of eight elegant fabrics, and can be easily customized with artwork or photography to complement or even define the look of a room... smart!
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Our experienced design team can end aesthetic pollution by utilizing Invisible speakers by Stealth Acoustics. No more speaker grills and boxes that compete with your decor. It offers a blanket of crystal clear and consistent sound coverage you'll ever experience from an in-wall loudspeaker. Complete invisibility, and amazing sound quality! Designed to be completely concealed in walls and ceilings under paint, wallpaper, textured plaster, and more.
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We can provide Satellite HDTV programming via ShawDirect or Bell TV to a wide range of businesses, from residential property management companies, to doctors' offices, resorts, work camps, sports bars and restaurants. You name it we have it connected. Known as Public Viewing Programming, we can offer your establishment the choice to select the appropriate package that best meets the needs of your business and its customers, at an affordable rate. We also offer reliable high speed Satellite Internet Services.
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Our Professional Services are available across Canada. We have technicians and associates in every province to serve your needs. Contact us today 1-800-929-7989

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